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Webster's dictionary defines Passion as "an ardent affection, a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. "  This definition is an excellent description of how each article of jewelry comes to life at TwistyKat Designs.  Every item is a result of one individuals passion to create something of beauty  from a raw product.

Our Story

Something Unique

Every item created at TwistyKat Designs is unique.  There are no molds, production lines, or instructions on how to make the jewelry.  It all comes from the heart and mind of the artisan,  and is affected by the raw products with which she is working.  Consequently, no two pieces are exactly the same, yet all are finished to the highest quality.

Kathy Holden

Twisty Kat Designs



Meet The Artist

Prior to starting her own business in 2009, Kathy worked for a diverse range of organizations, including Norden Systems (a government military contractor), Duke Power (Utility industry), Wells Fargo (mortgage department), JCB Urban (residential construction) and Source Computing (IT Technology Services).  Additionally, Kathy has always been active in her community, volunteering her time to serve on local boards in various positions as well as for non-profit organizations.

When not pursuing her business professional commitments, she focuses her attention on the design and creation of fine artisan jewelry.  Her curiosity and desire to develop evolving skills leads to unique products of the highest quality.

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